Oh Snow You Didn’t!

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tumblr_mggu3wItdM1rj4ww1o1_1280Once again we are experiencing snow accumulation in the Northeast. So far this winter we close to 4 feet of snow in the Philadelphia area with all of the storms we’ve received since the winter began. This is one of the snowiest winters on record. While a snow day here or there is a nice treat, just about everyone has had enough for quite a while. Here are some photos to illustrate our growing frustration for the weather:


20795.gif aintnobody gottimeforthis bs-funny-sign-snow driving-into-snow-fail funny-dog-snow-winter funny-haters-gonna-hate-baby-kid-girl-eskimo-snow-suit-shades-sunglasses-pics funny-house-covered-snow-ice-close-door-pics funny-lol-ice-ghost-icicle-froze-horror-humor-joke-snow-photo-picsSchool-bus-ruining-a-perfect-snow-day… snow-fail_o_1077005 tumblr_mhm24rmRDP1qk0drno1_5001016rk16a00e553e5db38883401a5115dc6bd970c-800wi

If you’re fed up with the weather to, head over to ThreadSociety.com and check out our super soft and comfortable apparel that will cure the winter blues.


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