Hilarious Review of the Thread Society “Like Buttah” V-Neck

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Here at Thread Society, we pride ourselves on making our customers happy with our super soft apparel and great service. Every so often we run into a customer who takes their level of satisfaction with our mens and womens shirts to that “next” level. What is the “next” level, you might ask? After reading the review we received earlier this week from a very…satisfied…young man in Chicago, you’ll probably have a better idea.

Emerson from Chicago, IL weighs in on the Thread Society “Like Buttah” v-neck.

“The Thread Society green Like Buttah shirt is full of crunchy, blistering anthems celebrating the importance of shirt-wearing in this politically correct era. I would describe it as blistering (in a fun, psychedelic way, not causing painful blisters) and blazing (although not in and of itself a fire hazard). It is both raucous and virtuosic. Its production values are not self-indulgent, nor are they sophomoric – they could be more aptly described as game-changing. Think knitting, not noodling. If John Belushi’s “COLLEGE” shirt did Molly with the elegant white tee worn by Boomhauer in King of the Hill, they might collaborate on something that might be about half as mind-blowing and essential as this shirt. The time I’ve spent with this shirt has been a deeply personal experience. Before all the other shirt critics put down their Fat Tires long enough to jump aboard, let me be the first to say that the funky, ethereal soulfulness of this shirt helped me out of a dark place.”
-Emerson, Chicago IL




One thought on “Hilarious Review of the Thread Society “Like Buttah” V-Neck

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