ICYMI: March 20th ft. Kendrick Lamar surprises, your cliche instagram and more


Time to Reevaluate Your Instagram? We’re heading into warmer weather and as far as social media goes, that means more updates on what you’re doing other than laying in bed. Here’s a friendly checklist to make sure you’re keeping up with what the app calls for into summer. via Paper Magazine

Kendrick Lamar’s Early Album Release: Sunday, Lamar unexpectedly released his highly anticipated To Pimp a Butterfly weeks before the announced album date. At risk of sounding obvious, this album is an experience and an important one at that. To prove it? The album tracked over 9.6 million streams in a single day, making history. Currently available to stream on Spotify. Via MIC 

Exciting Emails: From doodles to remixes to new photo projects, this new website has a newsletter for your smallest and weirdest interests. Via Creative Mornings


ICYMI: Friday the 13th featuring tattoos, runway antics, and dancing jams.



When Friday the 13th Calls: There’s a good chance at least half of you wait for this day to add to you collection of tiny tattoos that piss of your mom. Live in Philly? Check out Hunter Gatherer’s special flash sheet. via Facebook

Devonte Hynes and Neneh Cherry Reveal Collaboration: The two artists have peeped to working together for quite some time but have finally allowed us ears on the exclusive track. Warning: you’re going to want to dance. Both the song and the video, directed by Kathryn Ferguson, are both meant to explore the idea of Agender. via Pitchfork

Zoolander Returns to the Runway: Ridiculous? Yes. Clever? Also yes. During Paris Fashion Week, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson returned to their infamous personas, Derek Zoolander and Hansel, to not only close out the show but to also announce the filming of Zoolander 2 set to debut February ’16. via Vogue Digital

Podcast-ing: A cool new podcast allowing artists to walk through their songs and lyrics with their audience (us!) – from Warpaint, to Ghostface Killah to The National, there’s a little something everyone wants to hear. via Songexploder



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The best thing about the Thread Society line (aside from being virtually the most comfortable clothes you can find) is that each piece gives you the flexibility to really make it your own. Throw your favorite collared shirt under your TS Sexy Slouchy Fleece and no one will know you just woke an hour ago- no promises, but it’s working well for me.