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The best thing about the Thread Society line (aside from being virtually the most comfortable clothes you can find) is that each piece gives you the flexibility to really make it your own. Throw your favorite collared shirt under your TS Sexy Slouchy Fleece and no one will know you just woke an hour ago- no promises, but it’s working well for me.


The Last Day of Winter is 3-19-14!

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DSC_7117Wednesday March 19th is the last day of winter! It has been dark, cold and snowy but the light at the end of the tunnel is coming soon! It is time to start transitioning into a warmer state of mind and time to start dressing for warmer weather. Our Lightweight Zip Hoodies are perfect for both guys and girls for Spring temperatures. They are lighter weight than some of our other items but still provide warmth on a cool night.

It’s Time for New Multi Packs!

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New3PacksIntroducing our new line of multi packs at ThreadSociety.com. Our Basic multi packs have been so popular that we are adding more to the mix. There are new style combos for men and we now have ladies multi packs too! Summer is approaching and it is a great time for some fresh shirts. Choose 3 of your favorite color or get one of our stylist selected color combos, either way, stock up and save BIG!

Oh Snow You Didn’t!

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tumblr_mggu3wItdM1rj4ww1o1_1280Once again we are experiencing snow accumulation in the Northeast. So far this winter we close to 4 feet of snow in the Philadelphia area with all of the storms we’ve received since the winter began. This is one of the snowiest winters on record. While a snow day here or there is a nice treat, just about everyone has had enough for quite a while. Here are some photos to illustrate our growing frustration for the weather:


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If you’re fed up with the weather to, head over to ThreadSociety.com and check out our super soft and comfortable apparel that will cure the winter blues.

Passing the Torch



The Olympic sport of snowboarding was made famous by two time gold medalist Shaun White. As he hit the snow this past Tuesday in Sochi, he had planned on taking home a third. After a couple mishaps, including an unsuccessful attempt at a new move called “YOLO”, White walked away empty handed. In his place atop the winners podium was Iouri Podladtchikov with the gold, who goes by the name IPOD. 25 year old IPOD was Russian-born but competed for Switzerland. Standing next to him with the silver medal was Japanese Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka with bronze also from Japan.

A sport that was formerly dominated by Americans, now passes the torch to the next generation of winners. The now 27 year old White might not walk away with a medal this time but he doesn’t walk away empty handed. It was clear that this sport is one he helped to shape. Most of the winners mentioned him in post competition interviews. One even stated that he had really wished to be on the winners podium with White. It is sad to see White medal-less but it just goes to show that snowboarding is starting to grow up.


(Shaun White wipes out in Sochi, we think it has something to do with all of his magical hair he cut off.)

You’ll always be a winner to us Shaun! Find winning hoodies and long sleeves to hit the slopes with at ThreadSociety.com!